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About Villa Gemella Art House and Gallery

If you wanted to add beauty and creativity to your home or office, you’ve come to the right place! Villa Gemella Art House and Gallery offers original contemporary artwork and handmade craft items that are available to clients in The Bahamas, North America and the World.

I am a home-based artist. My art is eclectic and, unlike other typical landscapes, it is different and unique. I showcase my love for soothing, smooth, vibrant, and bold things through my art.

Dr. Sophia Rolle, Ph.D., J.P., Artist

  Hi! My name is Dr. Sophia A. Rolle, Ph.D., J.P. and I am the owner of Villa Gemella Art House and Gallery.  I am Bahamian born and driven by my passion for the development of the people of The Bahamas, but especially the creation of beautiful things.  Aside from being an artist, I am also an educator, author, consultant, and a Justice of the Peace. 

       Having begun painting more than five years ago, I have become an astute student of the arts, exploring different techniques, and seeking to discover which of the expressions I am most drawn to. I consider myself a non-traditionalist artists who love to explore new genres of art.

       My preferred mediums however are abstracts, fluid art and acrylic pouring. I love the idea of having others look at my paintings and see whatever they want to in each piece. Abstracts and fluid art redefine the notion of looking in a mirror and seeing something defined. Instead, you view a painting that is beautifully eclectic and prone to self interpretation.

       My Craft Items also take on the abstract and fluid art approach. They are microscopic views of the world we live in today.

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